Lifting and levelling your sunken concrete is usually less than half the cost of replacing it. By fixing it instead of replacing it, you are helping the environment. Replaced concrete fills up landfills. By lifting and levelling concrete you not only save money and reduce waste in landfills, but you also:

● By raising your concrete you stop water from running towards your foundation and eroding it. By raising it, water will run away from your home.
● Polyurethane stabilizes the sub-base stop further sinking and erosion.
● Our product is environmentally friendly.
● Polyurethane strengthens the base that the concrete rests upon.
● It can be done for any concrete surface.
● Create a safe home environment by eliminating trip hazards.
● There is minimal site disturbance as the concrete is raised by drilling small holes and pumping polyurethane under the structuring raising it to the right level.
● Most projects can be completed in a day and the concrete can be used immediately.